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Fecon, Inc. has partnered with Commercial Industrial Finance to offer financing options to our customers. CI Finance is a national finance company that has been providing financing solutions to companies of all sizes for over 30 years.


Conservation of Capital
Hold on to your cash and working capital so that you can use it for everyday business needs such as payroll, inventory or growth.


100% Financing
The complete project can be 100% financed including material cost, sales tax, freight and installation.


Improves Cash Flow
You can accurately forecast the cash requirements of your purchases since financing results in a fixed monthly amount that protects you against inflation.


Flexible Payments and Terms
Finance terms can range from 24‐60 months. Also, subject to credit approval we provide a deferred payment option that eases cash flow and meets your budgetary needs.


Upgrade your Purchase
Financing allows you to obtain ancillary products or options while adding little to your monthly payment.


Easy Application Process
Finance amounts up to $150,000 only require a simple application which is typically approved within 4‐6
hours. We will also advance funds for any projects that requires a deposit.








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 - Finance FAQ's

 - Benefits of Financing

 - Six Month Deferred Program


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 Fecon Credit Application


Contact Commercial Industrial Finance 

Joe Lamping

Fecon Finance Coordinator

Commercial Industrial Finance

800.995.6604 ext. 132


Send completed application to

or fax to 314.842.7880

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