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While we are proud to be known and recognized for the Bull Hog, the industry-standard forestry mulching head, the story doesn’t stop there. Fecon manufactures a broad line of durable, purpose-built products spanning an impressive range of applications across four primary markets: Vegetation Management, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Environmental, Vegetation Management, and Construction. We have always been the home of the Bull Hog mulching head. We’re branching out to be your preferred manufacturer of specialized equipment across a wide range of forestry applications. 

  • Vegetation Management
    Vegetation Management

    Fecon products are used for clearing vegetation for utility right-of-ways (ROW), roadside clearing, removal of invasive species, removal of wood fuels in the forest, and silviculture to maintain and improve forests.

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  • Oil and Gas
    Oil and Gas

    Fecon products are used frequently in the oil and gas industry to clear vegetation for exploration and infrastructure, to explore for locations of natural gas and other subsurface fuels, and to innovate in the pursuit of renewable sources of energy.


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  • Environmental

    Nonprofit conservation organizations, government agencies, hunt clubs, and private land owners all may experience increasing interest in maintaining habitats for pheasants, doves, elk, deer, and other animals. Maintaining an effective animal habitat encompasses: food, water, shelter, and space.

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  • Construction

    Fecon products can be used to clear land on construction sites and perform other important applications such as material handling, geophysical assessment, soil stabilization, road construction and maintenance, and more.

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