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A compact, mobile Fecon drill rig is perfect for many applications. While specifically configured to work in seismic exploration, geothermal drilling, and geophysical sampling, the equipment is versatile and can offer benefits to any applications requiring hole diameters of up to four inches at depths of up to 300 feet deep. Fecon manufactures rubber-tracked drills designed to provide mobility, versatility, and flexibility. From the back yard to the backcountry, our narrow, low-impact machines go where you want the hole to go. Learn more about the use of Fecon drill rigs and support equipment in seismic exploration and geothermal drilling.  

  • Seismic Exploration
    Seismic Exploration

    When it comes to drilling shallow depth shot holes for seismic exploration, productivity is measured by holes drilled per day. Often these holes are 20-30 feet in depth, spread out across varying conditions that could be flat, hilly, soft or hard ground, farm fields, or land covered in brush or trees, or rocks. Fecon manufactures the EX300S which is configured to have what the crew needs where it is needed with as few steps as possible to maximize drill time.

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  • Geothermal Drilling
    Geothermal Drilling

    Fecon manufactures a drill rig and support trailer that is uniquely suited for residential and small commercial geothermal ground loop drilling applications. For operators offering geothermal heating and cooling installations as a way to provide a renewable energy source, having an efficient means of drilling and installing quality ground loops in the right spot with minimal disturbance is essential. It all comes down to cost-effective quality installations of geothermal energy systems. 

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