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Congratulations to the 2017 Exceptional Caregiver of the Year Finalists!

In honor of Home Helpers 20th anniversary in 2017, 20 caregivers have been selected as semi-finalists in this year’s Exceptional Caregiver of the Year Awards. From this group, 10 finalists will be selected to travel to San Diego for the Home Helpers National Conference, where our single Exceptional Caregiver of the Year will be announced.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a caregiver for the 2017 award! We appreciate the terrific work being done by caregivers all around the country, and making it to the Top 20 out of more than 200 nominations is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to all of our nominees and this year’s semi-finalists!


The 2017 Semi-Finalists include the following:


Vanessa Baines
Dallas, TX 
Owner Tony Nguyen 

Fern Kennington 
Middleton, ID
Owners Jeffrey & Holly Stoker 

Sharon Baitari
Tulsa, OK
Owner Michelle Scott 

Renee Saxton
Hayword, CA
Owners Peggy Milne, Mitch Williams

Doreen Bishop
Holiday, FL
Owner Debbie Humphrey

Henny Schneiderbaur
Dallas, TX
Owners Scott Sutherland, Angelo DeFillippo 

Diane Borchers
Downers Grove, IL
Owner Michael Gonzalez

Jillian Snyder
Bourbonnais, IL
Owner Kathryn Jurica 

Grace Carrington 
Enfield, CT
Owner Peter DiMaria 

Pamela Steele
Altoona, PA
Owner Lynn Gardini

Amity Dever 
Holiday, FL
Owner Debbie Humphrey 

Debbie Taylor
Pocatello, ID
Owner Teresa Nelson

Carol Dresmal*
Downers Grove, IL
Owner Michael Gonzalez 

Korey Theusch
Mequon, WI
Owners Tim & Laura Bireley 

Loretta Green
Richmond, VA
Owners Mendell Wilkerson, Tracey Boseman 

Erin Turner
San Mateo, CA
Owners Peggy Milne, Mitch Williams 

Tammy Herrmann
Batesville, IN
Owner Mike St. Clair

Christine Villa 
Corsicana, TX
Owners Mark & Lori Thommarson 

Clementine Hopkins 
Little Rock, AR
Owners Holly & Sam Sellers 

Billie Jo Witczak
Slatington, PA
Owners Brian Day, Vicki Crow

Hannah Jacques
Franklin, TN
Owner Robert Harter

*Nominated as an Honorary Caregiver


The 10 Finalists selected from this group include:


Sharon Baitari of Tulsa, OK Franchise Owner Michelle Scott

Sharon seems to understand what most seniors want most—to be recognized and appreciated as a valued member of society. Listening to and interacting with clients might seem like a natural act, but if it was so easy, why is it valued so much in our top caregivers?


Doreen Bishop of Holiday, FL Franchise Owner Debbie Humphrey

Home Helpers aims to be “your extended family when family can’t be there.” As one of her nominators said, “Doreen is an Angel who walks with us. I speak for my six brothers and myself, we rest easier knowing she is looking over our mother.”


Diane Borchers of Downers Grove, IL Franchise Owner Michael Gonzalez

“Compassion” and “dedication” are the two terms used most frequently in all seven of Diane’s nominations. She takes time to know her clients and treats them with respect. Also, her excellent cooking abilities have proven valuable in helping undernourished clients get their appetite back.


Tammy Herrmann of Batesville, IN Franchise Owner Mike St. Clair

Dependable and versatile best describe Tammy’s approach to Home Helpers. She will regularly work overtime if another caregiver is unavailable and will do whatever it takes to make sure a client receives care. She also can do everything from running the office to installing and repairing Direct Link products.


Hannah Jacques of Franklin, TN Franchise Owner Robert Harter

As the only returning ECG Finalist from 2016, Hannah has another nine nominations to bolster her candidacy this year. Clients say she is always happy and loves her job, which makes them feel better every time Hannah stops by. Dependable happiness is a good thing in a caregiver!


Renee Saxton of Hayward, CA Franchise Owners Peggy Milne, Mitch Williams

Renee is a life-saver—literally. While getting a client ready for an appointment, the client began to have severe chest pains. Renee called 911, then followed the ambulance to the hospital with the client’s blind wife. Renee then served as the main point of contact for the family for the next 10 hours.


Pamela Steele of Altoona, PA Franchise Owner Lynn Gardini

Pamela leads this year’s finalists with 14 nominations, all from satisfied clients. She’s described as caring and understanding. Perhaps the best compliment from a client was “I miss you the mornings you aren’t here.”


Debbie Taylor of Pocatello, ID Franchise Owner Teresa Nelson

Like all of our finalists, words like “dependable,” “caring” and “compassionate” are used to describe Debbie. At her franchise office, care managers often suggest that “Debbie would be perfect” for a particular client. Unfortunately, there’s only one Debbie and she can only do so much.


Christine Villa of Corsicana, TX Franchise Owners Mark & Lori Thommarson

When you work in the same office as 2016 Home Helpers and HCAOA Exceptional Caregiver of the Year Betty Bibb, you not only learn from the best but you’re compared to the best, too. Chris lives up to the comparison. Being a caregiver isn’t just a job for Chris; it’s who she is.


Billie Jo Witczak of Slatington, PA Franchise Owners Brian Day, Vicki Crow

Working with a young (49) stroke patient as a client, Billie Jo helped the man make a special wedding anniversary for his wife, who works full-time and is also the man’s primary caregiver. By going the extra mile and helping him execute this much-needed event, she created a lifelong memory for this couple.

Every day, the in-home caregivers at Home Helpers help the elderly and their families cope with the challenges of health issues and aging. The Exceptional Caregiver Awards showcase some of the best in-home aides from all over the country. Finalists are chosen based on their great compassion and dedication to helping others. 

Exceptional Caregiver finalists will receive:

  • National Recognition
  • A paid trip to San Diego for the 2017 Home Helpers National Conference 
  • A cash stipend for the trip
  • An official Exceptional Caregiver pin
  • One Exceptional Caregiver finalist will also receive the Caregiver of the Year Award—a $2,000 cash prize!

2016 Caregiver of the Year: Betty Bibb

In a year filled with exceptional caregiving, Betty was recognized for her strength, caring and compassion and was a most deserving award winner. Congratulations, Betty! UPDATE: Betty has now also been named the 2016 Caregiver of the Year by the Home Care Association of America! Read more »

Meet our 2015-16 Finalists

Betty Bibb – Corsicana, TX

Barbara Berger – Lansdale, PA

Donna Padilla – Newport Beach, CA

Erica Roach – St. Louis, MO

Hannah Jacques – Brentwood, TN

Irean Shaner – Altoona, PA

Junalyn Albano – Thousand Oaks, CA

Mary Simpson – Thornton, CO

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